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What Clients Are Saying...

Irini B.

Jen is absolutely the best out there and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a tailored approach to training your dog. I myself have gone through multiple trainers and programs for my anxious (and very stubborn) dog. None of them took the time to get to know her and work on a program specific to her needs. Jen takes the time to know your dog and understand their needs.

Tessa C

Kobi Training!
Jennifer is an amazing dog trainer! She is so kind, patient, and caring. She helped me understand my dog, Kobi, more each lesson and I am so happy to see the positive changes in his behavior. She is super flexible with scheduling and sends us very helpful training notes each week. I also really appreciate how she checks in often to see how Kobi is doing. I definitely recommend her services and will certainly keep in touch with her for future lessons!

Dorothy S.

Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the behavior aspect of dogs. She's very understanding and give us lots of tools so we can work with our dog on our own. After the first training session we noticed a huge change in our dogs behavior: how she greets dogs and people, ways to read her body language to know how she's feeling, and ways to ensure she's comfortable meeting new people.

Linda L.

Jennifer's been such an asset to our family. I couldn't have asked for a more understanding, patient and trusting trainer/friend for my 2 pups. A lot was going on with them - they got spayed and neutered, we moved, they hit their adolescent years....all the puppy training went out the window. Barking, lunging, pulling, potty accidents - OMG! Then we found Jennifer. She taught us some things to try and with lots and lots of practice and treats, my 2 pups are slowly calming down and behaving again. If you need a trainer/sitter, don't hesitate to contact Jennifer!

Sally L.

Brugal Training!

Jennifer has been working with my puppy Brugal aka Brugie & I for a month & the progress we've made is incredible. To be honest she's been training me lol My pup has made a tremendous change as far as his leash biting & pulling, walks are enjoyable again. She has worked on him with commands such as sit & laying down and we've introduced "drop it" & "look at me". Her patience, flexibility, knowledge, affordability, and attention to detail are beyond compare. She goes above & beyond and sends me valuable resources that help me become the best possible dog owner. Not to mention that Brugie absolutely LOVES her, in my head (and his) she's Auntie Jennifer. I wouldn't trust anyone else to help me train my pup.

Daniel P.

Jennifer is a kind and compassionate dog trainer who knows her stuff. She is also very knowledgeable about resources that can help supplement training and give your pup the socialization and stimulation they deserve but arn't always able to provide yourself. Her prices are also very reasonable. I have recommended Jennifer's Dogs to others in need and wouldn't hesitate to do the same here!
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